NONA: nettverket for oss som jobber med nettmedier

About this blog

This is the virtual hub of The Norwegian Online News Assoction (NONA), founded in December 2008. NONA aims to provide a place for online professionals and enthusiasts to meet, discuss, share information and ideas, get inspired, find useful hints and tips, ask questions, network etc.

Apart from this blog, or virtual hub, we also arrange monthly afterwork get togethers with invited speakers who give a short introduction, usually about what they’re working on and why, or are passionate about, followed by a Q&A session and debate, and the occasional seminar.

NONA is run by:

Kristine Lowe: Journalist, blogger and social media consultant. Started her media career as an editorial columnist and political commentator (1995-2000) before she made her way into journalism proper, training at London’s City University (2000-2002). Has written for a wide range of national newspapers and specialist publications/websites in England, Norway and elsewhere, mainly about media (media M&As, -business, -technology, -strategy, editorial development, social media etc).

Jan Thoresen: Head of innovation at

Arne Krumsvik:
Has held positions as General Manager at Kanal 24 (national radio), Online Editor at VG and Dagbladet (national newspapers), Editor in Chief at Romerikes Blad (regional newspaper), Managing Editor at Scandinavia Online and Head of New Media Network. He was named among the «50 International New Media names to Know» by the Online Journalism Review. Since 2009 he is freedom of speech research fellow at University of Oslo and teaching journalism and media economics at Norwegian School of Management.

Espen Egil Hansen: Editor in Chief for Norway’s most read news site, Board member: Association of Norwegian Editors (NORED),,

Ida Aalen: Blogger and freelance journalist, currently studying for a master degree Media, Communications and Technology. She has previously studied film and industrial design, and contributed to media such as, and Radio Revolt.

Nina Nordbö: Magazine and web editor gone social media advisor at The Norwegian Broadcasting Corp (NRK). Workshopping alot. Dead certain curiosity didn´t kill the cat.

René Svendsen: Head of development

This blog is moderated by Kristine.

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[…] that I will be in Oslo, chatting with the Norwegian Online News Association on Wednesday night, where after many years I will get to meet my favourite Norwegian blogger, […]

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